Michael Côté. R.TCM.P set this site up on January 6, 2017 after a discussion on the Scholars of Chinese medicine Facebook page and wanting to know more about evening primrose its properties according to Chinese medical theory.

Why a Materia Medica Wiki:
After discussing with many herbalists, there was a few needs brought to light:

  • A strong need for collaboration
  • A need to shorten the length of time this type of project would take.
  • A place where anyone with access to the internet can access a Materia Medica.
  • A place where Materia Medica information can be updated easily as new information becomes available.
  • A place where anyone with Materia Medica knowledge can create and edit content to benefit the world.

Goals of the Materia Medica Wiki:

  • To list all known non-pharmaceutical substances used medicinally whether historically or presently
  • To collaborate with others to try and determine what flavours or properties certain medicinals have according to other paradigms

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