Coptis Chinensis

Coptis chinensis
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Sample collected in China in 1959 is believed to be in the public domain
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Other Names

Huáng lián
Huang lian
Coptis chinensis Franch.
There are two synonyms according to the Catalogue of Life[1]
The Chinese materia medica also uses the rhizomes of Coptis deltoidea C. Y. Cheng & Hsiao ( 三角葉黄连 ) and Coptis teeta Wall. ( 雲连 ) as it's standard species.[2]


Cold and bitter.

Channels Entered:

YangMing (Stomach/Large Intestine), JueYin (Heart/Liver)[2]


Drains Fire (i.e. antipyretic), clears dampness, stops bleeding


Ailments caused by excessive heat:
Damp-Heat in the bowels, or heat toxins: dysenteric disorders.
Fever induced delirium
Heat induced bleeding: Epistaxis, hematuria, hematemesis, and hematochezia
Applied topically for lesions due to Damp-Heat (carbuncles, boils, abscesses, ulcers, etc)


Other uses

Known Toxicity or Adverse Reactions

Notes on identification:


Conservation/IUCN/CITES Status

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