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One "scientific" source says cinnabar is absorbed in the digestive tract and the other source says it is not due to its insolubility. What's the verdict?

We should use the appropriate phraseology. Maybe there is a better organisational structure to contents? Please feel free to contribute. :-)

Please let me know.

Any trouble joining? by Michael CoteMichael Cote, 24 Jan 2017 23:59

I think as a site dedicated to all the Materia Medica's in the world, having a registered nonprofit would restrict the site to some archaic British laws, but it would allow for the acceptance of donations and/or have unobtrusive ads on the site to lower operating costs of the wiki.
And handing the site over to Wikidot to run a community site would allow for faster world-wide contributions as they have people who may be willing to work on the design and coding aspects of the site.

I think I've found a better option to discuss the pages:
In the discuss tabe we had :
Michael_Cote: Does the Angelica Arguta have the same properties medicinally as Angelica Genuflexa ?

AowenCM: Both are not listed in 中药大辞典.

Michael_Cote: @AowenCM: Yay! the fist contribution! I'm going to try and develop a chat system on this site so you don't have to edit your name. and hopefully it won't be so tedious.

Dialouge on this page: by Michael CoteMichael Cote, 20 Jan 2017 19:16

does this work?

Testing by Michael CoteMichael Cote, 20 Jan 2017 19:10

The goals of this wiki are to list all known non-pharmaceutical substances used medicinally whether historically or presently and to collaborate with others to determine what flavours or properties certain medicinals have according to other paradigms.

happy editing :-)

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